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Why you should prepare your plumbing for the winter months

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. We’ve all heard the saying and yet, some of us still fail to prepare our plumbing for the winter months. It’s never a great time to be without hot water, but it’s nearly that time of year when you  will really notice it. What’s worse is that in order to fix it, you could be slapped with a large bill; with Christmas just round the corner. Most causes of these crises come from a common plumbing issue that could have been prevented months prior.

Over the next month, consider checking for common plumbing issues; these quick tips will help get you started. At the end of the month, you would have carried out a lot of checks that will hopefully, save yourself time and trouble during the winter. Here are some key areas around your home that you should check and why.

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Common plumbing issue: prepare your radiators

Have you been left baffled when you call in a professional to fix your seemingly colossal problem. Only for them to spend 5 minutes sorting it out? It’s a pricey 5 minutes that’s for sure! Your radiators remain in the background throughout the summer months, but wow do we miss them in the winter, which is why it’s crucial to prepare them.

When we turn on our heating, we discover pretty quickly if our radiators aren’t working and it can be for several reasons. One reason is simply trapped air. To remove the air from the radiator and pipes, you need to bleed it. If you’re unsure how, check out this easy and inexpensive step-by-step guide. After you’ve bled it, it will allow the hot water to freely flow through the radiator, bringing that much-needed warmth into your home.

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Common plumbing issue: prepare your pipes

Many of us have suffered at the hands of a frozen pipe – it’s a very common plumbing issue. It’s incredibly frustrating, and there are all sorts of questionable hacks out there on how to solve the problem when it occurs. But we’ll go one better and give you our best tip on how not to fall victim to this issue in the first place.

Insulate your pipes wherever they are exposed in and around the home. All you need to do is grab some pipe insulation from your nearest DIY store. It’s as simple as wrapping the material around the pipe, nice and cosy to prevent them freezing.

One reasons to prepare your pipes is to continually receive your hot water, but another is to prevent leaks. Water expands when it is frozen, which puts pressure on the pipes and can ultimately lead to a burst pipe. If you continue to only rectify the issue when it occurs, you could end up with a messy one in the future.

Common plumbing issue: prepare your drains

A blocked drain is not something specific to the winter months, but can you imagine trying to clear a frozen fatberg? It requires more time, effort and of course, money which is why we say now is the time to get the clear and prepped. There aren’t many things that should go in our drains, in fact, here’s a list of all the things you shouldn’t be putting in your drains.

16 things you shouldn't put in your drain

We know – it’s shocking to know that people are deliberately putting these items in their drains, but can you imagine trying to unclog a blocked drain filled with these items? It’s why we tell you to prepare by fixing drain guards where you can, these can collect any debris and prevent them from entering the system. For the bits that do escape, if you use drain-unblocker every couple of months, you can ensure your drains are clear and prevent a backlog of gunk! Bleurgh!

It’s the time of year when leaves are falling from trees and landing in gutters so be sure to clear your gutters before you fix your outdoor drain guard to give yourself the best chances of having a free water-flowing winter.

Boiler servicing

This is one part where you will need to spend some money and get a professional in. Servicing your boiler is crucial, especially if it’s a slightly older one. The last thing you want is that horrible feeling on a cold winter morning when your foot slides out of your warm duvet only to discover that the boiler has not turned on. Just like any other machine, a boiler needs a little TLC from time to time. Surely, a service is better than a freezing cold start to your day?

It’s a simple job, and all you need to do is find a gas safe registered plumber to do it. It’s better to get yourself into this habit sooner rather than later. They’ll come out and put your mind at ease, or they’ll let you know of any common plumbing issue that may occur further down the line.

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