Water activities to enjoy this summer

Wow, summer came around hard and fast there didn’t it? Almost out of nowhere! It’s so easy in summer to let our water usage skyrocket. This may not have seemed like a big issue before, but we’ve been learning recently about the impact that wastewater can have on our environment. So, we’re going into summer 2022 equipped with all the tactics to not let our water usage get out of control. It’s important to know that this blog isn’t just for those with kids. Summer water activities are enjoyable for everyone whether you’re living a hectic child-paced lifestyle or enjoying the quieter summer days.  

Perfecting the paddling pool 

For years and years, we’ve preached that avoiding the paddling pool is the ultimate way to reduce your water usage during summer. And we stand by it! However, we know that some of you, especially those with kids, are desperate for a compromise. So we listened. 

Paddling pools vary drastically in size. You can have a small toddler splash pool or a colossal inflatable that uses more than 3,000 litres! But it’s important to remember that no matter what size your paddling pool is, it doesn’t need filling to the top. What’s wrong with a quarter-filled pool if you’re only using it to cool off whilst in the garden? Young children won’t have more fun because there’s more water. So if you’re going to use the pool, remember that it doesn’t need filling. 

The next step is to cover it after you’re done using it. A lot of people will empty their paddling pool when they see a lot of bugs, dirt and leaves in it. We’ve seen an incredible hack where you grab an elastic bed sheet and put it over your pool whenever you stop using it. That way, you have a paddling pool for as long as you need it and you can just top it up if the kids manage to send a few drops flying into the garden.  

Of course, if you want to reduce your paddling pool usage but the kids demand some water fun, why not head to your local swimming pool? Better yet – see if the neighbours’ kids have a paddling pool and ship yours off to them! (We are kidding, but it might be wise to share paddling pool usage with other kids in the area to reduce overall consumption). 

Water activities without the hosepipe 

Using a whopping 17 litres each minute, your hosepipe will guarantee an increase in your water consumption – that’s if you use it. That’s the trick you see. Don’t go getting the hosepipe out of the garden shed just because it’s summer. Think about it. Why do you even use it? 

Hosepipes are typically used during the summer months to mess about with and spray one another or water the garden. While cutting back on summer fun is not the aim of this blog, for anybody using their hosepipe specifically for water fun, there are plenty of other toys to enjoy. Such as water guns, water blasters and even good old water bombs (don’t worry, there are reusable ones so you don’t have to have the plastic waste). 

If you’re thinking about substituting the hosepipe for a sprinkler instead, perhaps pause and see if you can get something else. Some sprinklers use even more water than a hose pipe. Stick to the fun water activities and toys we mentioned earlier. 

It’s always possible to have fun in the summer with water, but being mindful of how you’re using it is important. Don’t let all your water-saving efforts go to waste for the fun of a single day using the paddling pool. Keep an eye out for our blog next week where we give you tips on how to tend to your garden during the summer – without the need for lots of water. That’s right, you don’t need to bring the hosepipe out at all, even for gardening!

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