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Transform your junk into storage

Transform your junk into storage

some upcycled crates to decoratively store fruit and veg

Living a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle has led us to one, very large problem. We need more storage! We’re trying to reuse jars, tins, and upcycle items, basically, anything that isn’t completely useless and destined for the bin, we’re trying to save it. It’s great because we’re reducing our waste and we know we’re making a positive impact on the planet. It does however mean we need to be craftier than ever with our storage solutions. There is no point in buying large boxes to keep items in, that defeats the point of using less! So, we have started upcycling storage solutions instead and today we’re sharing them with you.

Smaller storage solutions 

When it comes to THAT drawer in your house – you know the one with the batteries, paperclips, random pens, pieces of paper and other bits – it can be a bit of a wasted space. Like the desert of your home, a wasteland that slowly consumes. So, organising this drawer with a small storage solution is a great place to start.  

This is where we introduce our glass jars. Whether they’re sauce jars, small dessert pots, or old candle jars. Using glass jars to separate small pieces is a great way to not only separate the crowded drawer, but so you can see and find exactly what you need without rummaging for half an hour. Screw the lids onto a shelf and twist the glass jar onto it to get a levitating jar style or simply put the jars back in your kitchen drawer. Either way, you end up with a more organised upcycled masterpiece. 

27 Clever Ideas for Organizing Crafts Supplies | Better Homes & Gardens

Upcycle old storage into new storage solutions 

Large furniture is great when you need it, but as soon as the runner on the dresser goes, many people opt for a quick ‘get rid of it’ exit. However, we want you to remember that just because the initial purpose of a storage item has failed, it doesn’t make it useless. While it’s more difficult to store a dresser until the optimal moment compared to a couple of glass jars; there are a few creative solutions you can create instead. 

Take the drawers of your broken dresser, wardrobe, or desk. Flip them on their side so that the base is flat against the wall and the front of the drawer is pointing towards the ceiling or floor. Fix them to a wall and you have yourself a quirky shelf! You can use it as a bookcase, display case, or just another place to display your houseplants. 

white diy dresser drawer bookshelf by kate levinson and mike muschong from west town, chicago, illinois

Remember anything can be storage 

Here’s where things become truly unique. Literally, anything can become storage. Do you have an old pair of jeans that are never going to fit again? Use the material to create a wall hanging of pockets. You can then hang it on the back of a door and store kid’s books, toys, or even shoes in them! The perfect storage idea for your kids bedroom. 

Do you have an old cheese grater that you no longer need? Turn it upside down and plant an outdoor plant in there. Fix it to a wall and it’s the perfect self-draining flowerpot! Alternatively, use an old pair of shoes, boots, or wellies to do the same for shallow plants. Let your imagination run wild, anything can be transformed into storage if you look hard enough.

Millions of us will want more storage in our homes. It’s one of the most listed ‘must-haves’ when it comes to moving home. But instead of heading out to IKEA or your local furniture store, see what you already have laying around the house. 

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If you’re looking for specific storage solutions based on items you own, but you’re not quite sure what to do. Pop your item in the comments below and we’ll come back to you with some creative and unique ideas! The Greenredeem community is just that, a community. It’s time to get creative and discover these upcycling storage solutions together.

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