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No space for houseplants? Think again!

No space for houseplants? Think again!

Close up view of houseplants in silver pot

Soothing on the eye and balm to the soul; nevertheless, lush indoor greenery isn’t simply another decorative implement in our interior style toolbox, but there’s always space for houseplants. When we look at the facts, those unassuming pot plants are near essential to a healthy, eco-friendly home:

  • Houseplants regulate humidity in our homes, keeping moisture in the air within the optimum range for human health. If humidity gets too low, we become prone to viral infections as our sinuses dry out – that’s why most people get a cold when the central heating first goes on!
  • Houseplants absorb unhealthy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) given off by certain new paints, polyester carpets, vinyl flooring and stain- and fire-proofed fabric furnishings.  

All these important benefits, in exchange for a little TLC and the occasional water. Are you convinced yet?

Making space for houseplants in your home

Like the idea, but can’t think where they’d go? Is floor space at a premium? Or would you worry about inquisitive children and pets rooting around?

So long as you have daylight coming into your home (and we certainly hope that you do), there’s space for houseplants. Take a look at these ingenious methods for bringing more of that houseplant goodness into your gaff without sacrificing any precious floor space…

Indoor hanging plants

Not just for outside, hanging plants can fit anywhere in the home you have a nook, a corner or a shelf. As well as looking gorgeous, these containers keep your plants well out of reach of tiny fingers and snuffling snouts.

Hanging jam jar planter

No need to splurge on planters for the house – why not make your own? Take a look at the tutorial for this cute jam jar herb container.

And for a shady window…

…this jam jar fern garden looks fabulous!

Double up on windowsill space

Handy folks could fix up one of these chic double window shelves in less than a couple of hours, all told. What do you think of this display of succulents in mini-terracotta pots? This would also work wonderfully with herbs if you have a suitably sunny window ledge to spare. 

See Also

Hang plant art on the walls

We think these posh ceramic wall planters are the bee’s knees, though they’re certainly not cheap. If you like the idea but you’re on a budget, why not try making something like this…?

DIY vertical bucket garden

Disappointingly, the plants in this bucket wall planter are plastic, but the idea’s a good one. All you need is a piece of reclaimed wood, basic hooks, mini galvanised buckets and the wall fixings. Find out how it was done on the Room 6 blog.

How are your houseplants doing? Have you appreciated all they’ve done for you lately? How about investing in a little organic fertiliser for them? Share your thoughts and comments on with us here or via Twitter and Facebook!

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