No-cost water saving tips for a summer spent at home

Despite the gradual easing of the lockdown, it’s likely most of us non-key-workers will be spending the majority of our time at home this summer.

Water companies have already had to cope with rising demand from housebound households, along with an extremely dry couple of months instead of spring rains to replenish low water stocks.

With this summer shaping up to be one of the hottest and driest since records began, any small effort we can make to save water around the house can help manage water levels.

Every drop you can save makes a difference. Try out some of these no-cost water saving tips and see how many litres you can shave off your water footprint…

Stay hydrated the water-efficient way

>> Try to keep track of a single glass for your drinking water each day, or use a refillable drinking bottle. Cuts down on the washing up! 

>> If you find cool water refreshing, keep a jug of drinking water in the fridge instead of wasting water waiting for the tap to run cold. You can even jazz it up with interesting fruit infusions

>> If you drop ice cubes on the floor, don’t bung them in the sink to melt. Pop them in the pot of a house plant instead. 

Water saving from the kitchen to the plants

>> Wash fruit and vegetables over a bowl, instead of under a running tap. The muddy water collected is fine for house or garden plants.

>> Don’t pour away stale water from pet bowls and fish tanks, as this can also give thirsty plants a drink. Fish tank water is very high in nutrients so save this especially for prize plants!

>> Cooled water from washing hands and dishes can also be reused on the garden or houseplants, so long as it’s not full of food particles or any cleaner stronger than soap. Pass it through a sieve to remove any bits and use in a watering can as normal.

Start your favourite four-minute song when you get into the shower. Can you be washed and out of the shower before the song fades? This is one of our favourite water saving challenges!

Stay clean, save water

>> We’re sure you’ve got that proper handwashing technique off to a fine art now! Remember to switch off the tap when you’re lathering, rather than send good clean water straight down the drain.

>> Switch to quick summer showers instead of wallowing in the bath. When the weather is hot, you may find a cooler shower is preferable, saving on your water heating bills!

>> Start your favourite four-minute song when you get into the shower. Can you be washed and out of the shower before the song fades? 

>> Take a bucket into the shower with you. Yes, a bucket! Direct the spray into the bucket while you wait for the shower to get up to temperature. This ‘harvested’ water is perfectly clean and can be used for soaking laundry, household cleaning or watering plants, as needed.

>> Don’t waste water and risk blocking up your sewage pipes by flushing bathroom rubbish. Make sure cotton buds, wet wipes, facial tissues, cotton wool, sanitary towels and tampons, nappies, dental floss, hair clippings and any other non-loo-roll items go into the bin.

Have you been finding ways to make water savings while you’re at home? Share your tried-and-tested tips with the Greenredeem team on Facebook and Twitter

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