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How to slow down fast-fashion on a budget

Can you feel it? Change is coming. As a nation, we’re more prepared to slow down fast-fashion, especially now that we know the impacts, but for many of us there are still some unanswered questions. 

Where can we conveniently shop sustainably and ethically? “I don’t have the budget for a new wardrobe.” Is there any way Greenredeem can help me out? 

Don’t worry, we’ve done the research, weighed up the options, and as always, we’re here to deliver the good news on how you can slow down fast-fashion on a budget.

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How capsule wardrobes help slow down fast-fashion

Summer wardrobe, winter wardrobe, scrap the lot and go for a capsule wardrobe. Not only will you save on space, but you’ll also save on money and when done right; they’re super eco-friendly. 

Fast-fashion has pushed us all into believing that we need lots of items in our wardrobes. But do we need an infinite selection of items at our disposal? Capsule wardrobes turn away from fashion and run towards style. Fewer items purchased will lead to a decreased demand and in turn, a lesser impact on the environment.

Imagine your style; we all have one. It might be that you wear a lot of black or neutral tones. It could be that you live in casual clothes or you always wear light and airy garments.

Invent your personal style and edit your wardrobe to suit it. 

The idea is to choose items that you wear continually but that all match one another. A diverse shirt that you can dress up in the evening or dress down during the day. A capsule wardrobe can be as small as 7 items! Try it out and build your own capsule wardrobe – you’ll be amazed as the stylish and eco-friendly results.

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Where to shop to slow down fast-fashion

A charity shop is a well-known resource for second-hand shopping but let’s face it; you could visit every charity shop in the high street and not find anything you like. Luckily, second-hand has become fashionable in recent years which is why we now have a wider collection of ways to shop online.

DepopPrewornVinted and Shpock are a few. These online shops are perfect for finding items that fit your style. There’s no need to jump in a car to visit the shop, and you can buy second-hand; that’s a double win in our eyes! Having used a couple of the sites ourselves, we can safely say they’re a great asset to slowing down fast-fashion. 

Check out our fashion rewards in the rewards section for some incredible discounts!

Not only do these sites help us purchase second-hand and slow down fast-fashion, but they also suggest items based on what we’re already buying and searching for – making it easier than ever to find what you want and shop sustainably.

Oxfam Online Shop has even launched a ‘Second-hand September’ campaign, and we’re offering a 14% discount to get you started. Yes, a discount for an online charity shop! It doesn’t get more beneficial for your purse strings than that! You can redeem the reward for just 25 points. 

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Want to treat yourself to something new? We hear you

Sometimes, second-hand isn’t an option, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other methods to slowing down fast-fashion. Purchasing from the right brands can really help.

Not all new items are harmful! 

Good On You has put together a list of brands that use recycled plastics in some of their clothes. Other brands such as Rapanui Clothing, ask you to send back your item when you’ve worn it out; then they’ll recycle it into a brand new garment using renewable resources. Incredible!

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One of the most common ways for a new garment to be retired after a single use is by purchasing it for a specific event, like a wedding. How can we overcome this dilemma? Renting. Yes, we’ve noticed a rise in renting clothes. That way you can wear a fancy and seemingly new suit for an occasion, for a fraction of the price and not have it lurking in your wardrobe afterwards. 

Seem familiar? Celebrities have been doing this for red carpet events for years! Now we can do the same.

You can rent designer brands from online stores like Hurr, or head to Devout and purchase a subscription to continually switch your style. Return them, where they are deep cleaned and ready to hire to the next person as if brand new!

When you look at the options available, it’s easier than you think to slow down fast-fashion and better yet, there are ways to do it which can save you money. If you’re looking for a few more ideas, check out this in-depth blog.

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