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Take a look at your current utility bills. By far your electricity and gas will be higher than water. But water is still a valuable resource and it isn’t constantly available in the ways you may believe. In fact, hose pipe bans in the UK last year lasted through the summer until November to try and catch up on depleting resources. It’s very likely that a few more weeks of hot weather could’ve caused areas to have their water tactically switched off at certain times. Why? Because there simply isn’t enough rain falling in the warmer months and there isn’t the capacity to store all of winter’s downpours. So, what can you save by saving water… let us tell you.

Save water to save money 

Now, we’ve just told you that your water is the cheapest utility you have. So what amount of money are you really saving? Well, when you take a look at where the majority of water is used in homes, it’s in the bathroom. Usually taking a shower or bath. This is where you can save money. 

Of course, reducing the length of your shower can significantly help reduce the volume of water used, saving you money. But it’s not just water that’s being used when you take a shower. A lot of energy is being used to heat your water and pump it through the system. This is where big savings can be made.  

If you can get a breakdown of your energy bill, check how much is being used to heat your water and then imagine halving it. Most of us can reduce our shower time to just 4 minutes if we’re swift and efficient. Try it, and see how much you can save. 

Save your community 

Not so much in the cooler months, but in the summer especially it is so important to reduce your water consumption. By doing so, you can really help your community. Imagine you’re wasting so much water that there ends up being a significant restriction on your communities usage. But in that community are a recently retired couple who are frugal about their water usage, or there is a couple with a newborn who now have their water restricted at an already stressful time. Could you have done better? 

Saving water throughout the year means that you can make a difference in your community when supply becomes restricted. By saving water all year round, you’ll get into the habit early enough so that when it matters, you are ready.

Save water to save time 

It may come as a surprise but by saving water you can also save time. Think about it, the shorter the cycle on your washing machine, the sooner you can hang it out and get going on your weekend plans. Using the eco mode on your dishwasher will save water and save you time from washing the dishes by hand. Of course, you’ll only save water on your dishwasher if your machine is effective and eco-friendly so be sure to check out how many litres it uses per cycle before going ahead with this one. 

It may seem frugal, and it is. But if there is one commodity we all want more of and can’t seem to get enough of, it is time. We think this might be the cherry on top of motivating you to save water. 

Save local environment 

We know from the many donations our members make through Greenredeem that there are plenty of you out there who aren’t looking to save water for your own intrinsic reasons. We know that many of you just want to do good in the world. Helping the environment is one of your biggest priorities. 

By saving money, you can also help the local environment. Water doesn’t magically appear in your home. It is pumped, processed, and filtered – all with a carbon footprint. It’s not much, but as soon as it’s flushed away or poured down your sink – the carbon footprint doubles. It may not be the biggest help to the environment you can make but if you’re looking for something easy to do that will make a difference, saving water is it.

You see, saving water can save you in a lot of other areas. So don’t see it as your cheapest utility, because saving money through water may not be the most rewarding action. See it as saving on your other utilities, saving time, and helping your community and environment. There are many reasons why you should save water so take your pick as to what works for you and start saving more.

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