How to rethink waste in Elmbridge

Last month we learned a lot about the waste hierarchy. How to use it, tips to work our way up it, but more importantly, how easy it can be to make big changes for reducing your waste. This month, we’re going to look at how we can rethink waste, right here, in Elmbridge. We’ve done our research, scoured the local high streets and have collected all the information you might need on how to reduce your waste. As always, we’re happy to hear about anything you think should be included in our blog, so if you know of another shop or event that can help reduce waste, pop it in the comment section below.

Zero waste shops to visit  

Of course, the first places to look for are zero waste shops. They should always be considered your first port of call when it comes to reducing waste. Think of it as that essential shop you need to go to that isn’t the supermarket. In Elmbridge, there’s Born From Necessity in West Molesey. 

In this shop, you’ll find almost everything you need to live a zero-waste lifestyle. They have nuts, sugar, seeds, pasta, rice, cheeses, olives as well as fresh fruit and veg. That’s just the food they stock! There are also things that can help around the home like soaps, laundry detergent, shaving creams and deodorants. Plus, there are essential goodies like chocolate. Honestly, there’s so much on offer! You could easily do a weekly shop in there. All you need to do is bring some Tupperware to take it home in. 

Another initiative in the area, while it isn’t a shop, it is a helpful tip to know if you’re out and about. Refill Weybridge is a community project where you can refill your reusable water bottle whenever you need to. The idea is to reduce plastic pollution and waste and it’s certainly helpful if you’re in the area and feeling thirsty. You can find out more at Refill Weybridge

Second hand and repair events 

We’re sure that most of you will know about your local charity shops. So, we won’t list them all or we might be here all day! However, we will reinforce the importance of them. Charity shops aren’t just for old clothes, there are shoes, ornaments, toys and plenty of items that you may need. There’s always a few gems lying around in them so be sure to take a look – you’ll save yourself some pennies too. 

Away from charity shops, you have Moore’s Miscellanea in East Molesey and Enigma Salvage in West Molesey. Both are second-hand emporiums full of vintage goodies such as furniture. Take them home in their current state of beauty or you could purchase something for an upcycle project. Ideal for any home furnishing you plan to do. 

Although they are not regular; repair events do take place in the borough and they’re certainly something to look out for. Molesey Clothing Exchange gained a lot of attention the last time it was hosted and was a real success. Also in the county, Love Haselmere Hate Waste hosted something similar with a temporary repair café where you could bring your old clothes and get them fixed. If you’re someone who might be interested in these events, we suggest you follow the Elmbridge Eco Hub on social platforms. 

Elmbridge Eco Hub 

Of all the little gems that we discovered in Elmbridge; the Eco Hub has to be our favourite – for a number of reasons. Not only is it a great hub for information but there are plenty of practical uses as well. They have a community fridge and garden; a seed bank and they organise plenty of events such as litter picking and skills sharing – even a book swap shop. 

If you’re on social media, we highly recommend that you follow them. You’ll be able to stay up to date with all things eco in the area and join in with many great opportunities. They’re based in Walton-On-Thames, but they get involved throughout the borough. Another way to stay connected with anything going on is to become an Elmbridge Countryside Volunteer through the council and sign up to Sustainable Elmbridge news. You can find out about any smaller events going on. Recently, they have been looking for volunteers to help clean up a local area, could you get involved?

There’s plenty of opportunity to rethink waste and get involved in the Elmbridge community. It’s just about knowing where to start and now that we’ve highlighted a few key places, we hope you’ll get move involved. Remember, that if something doesn’t exist, why not start it? It’s not too difficult to create a swap shop or repair event in your local village hall. If you’re unsure, get in touch and we’ll see where we can help you or if you know of any other ways to rethink waste in Elmbridge, pop them in the comments!

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