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It’s Recycle Week 2020 and we’re excited to kick off this week by recycling our very own Greener Living blog. How did we do it? We’ve created hundreds of articles throughout the years, filled with information that’s helped people improve their recycling rates. So, we’re taking this week’s theme quite literally and recycling some of our biggest hits, so you know how to recycle right at home. 

If you’re new to recycling, a great way to start is by checking out what’s recycled locally as recycling differs up and down the country. You can do this by checking out the bottom section ‘nearby recycling’ on the dashboard of your Greenredeem account.

This week we’re asking you to prioritise your recycling bin over your rubbish bin. Recycle as much as you can! We’ll be taking part and helping you learn as much as possible about recycling, so we’re sharing some of our greatest hits.

plastic packaging

How to recycle plastic packaging

As you can imagine, this one is hugely popular with our readers! Even more so given Hugh and Anita’s War on Plastic on BBC One. There’s so many different types of plastic and there’s little advice out there for which is which! This blog will help you identify your plastic but also, how to recycle them.

If you want to find out anything about plastics and how you can recycle them more, this is the perfect blog for you!

box of polystyrene

How to reuse polystyrene

This little gem has been bumbling around for years and we STILL get people flocking to it. Polystyrene is that awkward material that comes into your home when you’ve shopped online. It’s bulky, it’s often unnecessary and there’s little direction on what we can do with it.  

In one of our most popular blogs, you’ll discover a number of ways on how you can reuse this item. Some suggestions are short-term solutions, but others can prevent you from sending this troublesome material to landfill for many years! Let us know what you think.

carton of milk

How to reuse plastic milk bottles

Plastic milk bottles are widely recycled, but there are still many ways to reuse them before we send them down the waste hierarchy. Remember, we love recycling but reducing and reusing items comes first.

This blog contains some exciting crafts that you and your family can make at home. Easy creations that are great for the kids to join in with, but also some much-needed adult craft time making filing systems for your office (also known as junk-modelling face masks of your favourite characters). 

child playing with plastic dinosaur toys

How to recycle old toys

Gutting out the kid’s rooms is so satisfying, but there’s nothing worse than treading on plastic toys as you’re putting them to bed. It’s no wonder this blog has been such a hit in previous years, we’re all desperate for the soles of our feet to be safe!

Each Christmas or birthday event, children receive new toys from a mixture of family and friends but knowing what to do with the old ones can be confusing. This blog will tell you ways of reusing them and also if it is possible to recycle them through a recycling centre.

glasses and blister pack contact lenses

How to recycle glasses and contact lenses

Millions of us wear glasses in the UK, in fact, over half of us. Glasses are one of those items that we tend not to think about coming to its end of life, usually because we replace them once a year. When you consider that the majority of us will be purchasing new frames or require a new prescription every year, it’s a lot of waste. This blog will tell you how to reuse or recycle them in the right way, including donating.

a variety of different recycling bins at home

How to recycle in an organised fashion

All the tools we provide here at Greenredeem help you to recycle but we know advice and information is only the start. We’re big believers in setting ourselves up for success which is why we created a blog to help you get organised with your recycling habits. In this blog you’ll discover our favourite tips as well as links to some of the best organisers the industry has to offer. You no longer need to ‘remember’ to recycle, it’ll become as easy as popping it in the bin.

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