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Get organised with the latest recycling storage solutions

Now we’ve discovered that through recycling we can all be truly heroic, it feels like the time to get serious about our recycling storage solutions!

When your recycling is satisfyingly organised instead of in one messy pile, we recycle more – and more often. A very good thing, when you consider that recycling has so many life-changing benefits.

Recycling boxes and bins fall into three main categories: segregated bins, similar to traditional flip-top bins but with several compartments; modular stackables, so you can store your sorted recycling in whichever multiple or configuration of boxes you prefer; and built-in recycling storage, which hides it all away behind cupboard doors in your kitchen or utility room.  

We’ve picked out the best-looking value for money and investment recycling storage in all three categories. Which would you pick for your home?  

Segregated bins

Easily purchase – double compartment waste and recycling bin (£65)        

This lightweight but sturdy double compartment bin with pop-up lids is can take 30-litre bin bags and looks pretty nifty for a no-frills option. You could use one side for recycling and the other for general waste. Alternatively use it to divide recyclables as per your councils collections.

Low-range – Hailo Trento Ӧko triple compartment (from £45)

Prefer a triple bin? This stylish pedal waste separator from Hailo comes in seven different colours (lime green!). It also has three sturdy removable inner bins.

Investment – Joseph Joseph Totem bin range (£180-£250)

Would you ever spend £250 on a recycling bin? Well, we might if it was this particular recycling bin. The snazzy Joseph Joseph Totem range is described as ‘the ultimate in home recycling and waste disposal’. With plenty of multipurpose drawers, an in-built odour filter to ensure your kitchen stays smelling fresh and an optional food waste caddy – we’re in love! 

Take a closer look at their video, it’s a beauty in action… and we never thought we’d say that about a recycling bin!

Stacking bins

Value for money – Wham clear stacking recyclers (£36 for three)

These stackable recycling bins aren’t particularly glamorous, yet they’re compact enough to fit into a cupboard, under the stairs or in an unobtrusive corner of the garden shed. With the money you save on these, we’d recommend a lovely set of recycling stickers to categorise your boxes. 

Mid-range – colourful stacking recycling containers (£60 for three)

Available in interchangeable 35-litre and 45-litre sizes, the sophisticated tones of these modular stackable recycling bins make a refreshing change from primary colour options! Watertight, perfect for both indoors and out, the bins have carry handles and a grip on the base for ease of use.

Investment – Joseph Joseph Stack set (£100)

Yes, it’s another cracker of a recycling solution from Joseph Joseph – and, no, they don’t sponsor this post. It’s just that they tend to do this very, very well!

These slimline, modular recycling boxes with removable food caddy can be side-by-side as well as on top of one another if space requires. Sliding lids mean that you can recycle even when the units are in a stacking position and each features a removable inner bucket for easy disposal.

Built-in bins

Value for money – Brabantia Sort And Go 24-litre set (£55)

These cute little bins sit on a self-supporting mounting frame, so the cupboard door won’t sag under load. Fully removable with carry handles and base grips for ease of emptying, and with a generous 10-year Brabantia guarantee, we think these could find a happy home in most kitchens! The set also comes in a larger 32-litre size.  

Investment – Simple Human commercial grade pull-out recycler (£70)

This double compartment commercial grade recycler from Simple Human glides on ball-bearing tracks, ready to handle all your waste and recycling. It’s not exactly pretty, yet it’s designed to last and comes with a fantastic 5-year guarantee.

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