Eco-friendly gift ideas for everyone this Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. Unless you’ve got the task of Christmas gift ideas for the most impossible person to buy for. Finding the right gift can be quite the challenge, especially when you’re buying for the person who has everything, wants nothing and is on a strict diet of air and whose weekend hobby involves staring out of a window.  

Okay, so we’re not sure that person exists, but we’ve found some solutions on how to buy for them. Ultimately, gifting is about giving something worth having – and in a world of tacky gimmicks and joke gifts, it can be challenging. Giving an eco-friendly gift is a guaranteed way to give something worth having without feeding into the ‘greedy giant’ of consumerism. Plus – there are some incredibly eco-friendly gifts out there! So, we’ve put our favourites in one place so no matter who you’re buying for this year, you’ve got a great idea. 

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Eco-friendly gift ideas for him 

Men get to a certain age where boxers and socks are incredibly valuable at Christmas. It’s like an annual refresh for their underwear drawer. Instead of hitting up the local supermarket, why not invest in an annual subscription, so you don’t have hairy toes poking through the top from July onwards… Swole Panda provides monthly sock subscriptions as well as boxers, all made from a sustainably sourced and grown bamboo material. Alternatively, Stand4 Socks are an ethical brand who, for every pair of socks purchased, will donate a pair to homeless shelters in the UK. 

Our other favourite eco-friendly gift ideas include: 

Eco friendly Christmas concept. Creative zero waste eco style gift wrapping , gift boxes with handmade craft wrapping paper. Flat lay, top view

Gifts for her 

The nation is probably split 50/50 on women being the easiest and most difficult to buy for. On the one hand, you can go with a classic beauty set, filled with soaps and smellies. There are many eco-friendly gift ideas out there that fit this bill, including shampoo barsrefillable deodorant and bath bombs. However, even if the woman in your life doesn’t dream of a quiet bath away from the kids; there are plenty of other eco-friendly gift ideas to choose: 

Woman Wrapping Christmas Gifts near xmas tree at home. Christmas gift boxes wrapping process. Female hands with Christmas gifts boxes wrapped in kraft paper in natural zero waste style

Gifts for secret Santa 

Possibly the most challenging gift to buy at Christmas is a secret Santa gift. It might be something you organise with friends or work colleagues, but there also might be a spending cap. More often than not, you get the name of someone you don’t know too well, and you’ve got to get seriously creative with your spending. Look no further, all these eco-friendly gift ideas are perfect for everyone and are under £20! 

There are plenty of eco-friendly gift ideas out there, and we hope that you’ve found some inspiration with our blog post. If you have an idea that perhaps isn’t on this list, leave a message in the comments section and help inspire others this festive season. Together we can slowly change what it means to give a gift at Christmas. 

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  1. I hardly think nail polishes are a good gift idea. Surely they are not particularly eco-friendly, especially if the bottle doesn’t get used up? And not all women are made about make-up!

    1. Hi Elgie, these particular nail polishes are an eco-friendly brand. They’re free from 10 popular toxins, vegan friendly and made from 80% natural ingredients so they’re much better than regular polish. While we understand not all women will enjoy these, they’re a cool eco-alternative to a popular gift at this time of year. Merry Christmas!

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