Do you have a water leak?

You’ll be glad to hear this one. We’ve got a huge water-saving tip for you that doesn’t require you to change any of your daily habits. Although we do hope you’re taking some of our ideas on board to hit the magic 100-litre target. What is this magical method of saving water? Check for a water leak. The last thing you want to do is wait for a leak to appear by flooding out your bathroom or kitchen, so regularly check – just in case.

Why is a water leak so catastrophic? 

Apart from the colossal mess it could make in your home, you could also end up with a hefty bill in order to fix anything the water leak has damaged. But that’s not the only financial hit you’ll take for having a leak. There’s also the cost of the wasted water. Depending on how long your water leaks have been happening for, this could be a little or a lot of money. This is why we want you to regularly check for leaks, so you don’t have to take that double hit. 

We know what your next question is – how can you regularly check for leaks? Well, there are a few ways, but also knowing the signs of a water leak can really help. Take a look at our top tips so that you’ll never suffer the wrath of a leak – and of course, the implications that they have on the environment. 

Increased water bills 

This is one of the biggest signs to let you know something is going wrong with your water supply. A huge increase in your bill, but not such a difference in your usage? Something’s up! The leak might be coming from inside your home or on your property elsewhere. If you notice a price increase, it’s time to do some further investigating.

Some people pay their water bill on a direct debit and only receive a bill once a year. This can be difficult to know if there is a leak until it’s too late. For those of you in this situation, there is a simple solution. Turn off your stopcock, and if your water meter is still moving around – there’s a leak somewhere. Do this once a month to protect yourself from a large bill. 

Reduced water flow or pressure 

It’s important to note that there are plenty of other plumbing problems that could create a drop in water flow. However, a water leak is just as common. Sometimes it’s obvious that your flow or pressure has become reduced. Perhaps you’re in the shower and you’re experiencing just a small dribble – this would signify a big leak. It could be the rate at which it takes for your glass of water to fill. You’re noticing it’s taking longer even though your tap is fully opened. 

Hearing the water leak in your home

Plumbing goes throughout your home. You may or may not know where the pipes are. But during a quiet evening, turn off everything in your home and listen out for a leak. Taking a minute or so to listen out every few weeks is a quick way to check for a leak – plus it can help you decipher where the leak is coming from too. Saving the plumber a big job! 

What noises should you be trying to listen for other than a drip? Well, bubbling and whistling noises can also be a sign of a leak. Anything that raises your suspicions – it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


What to do if you think you have a water leak? 

We cannot stress this enough. Even if you suspect a leak, just 1% of your mind is thinking there could be a leak. Get it checked. Across England and Wales, 3 billion litres are lost every year to leaks. Equating to roughly 1,180 Olympic swimming pools. The harm that does to our environment is huge – let alone the issues it causes with supply and demand. While it is crucial to reduce leaks in order to save you money at home, it’s also important for the environment. So, get checking and set yourself a reminder each month to check for a water leak. 

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