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DIY desk tidies for home offices & homework zones

This time of year always feels like a fresh start – must be a hangover from school days. New school year, new bag, new pencil case and desk ideas plus a new resolve to get homework in on time!

These recycled desk tidies go to show that you can turn over a new leaf without needing to spend a fortune buying new. In fact, you’ve probably got most of what you might need to make all of these in your recycling box right this minute.

So, the first item on your September to-do list? Get your home work space looking fabulous with some of these ideas.

Recycled book business card holder or vintage photo frame

This useful vintage-style organiser for business cards, photos or other small scraps of paper looks pretty special, but barely takes any time at all and the only skill you need is the ability to fold a sheet of paper in half!

Find the tutorial here.

Recycled punnet bits and bobs tray

Stop before you throw out those fruit punnets! Think before chucking the insert from the biscuits! Thin moulded plastic containers aren’t accepted by most recycling services around the country, unfortunately, but they make marvellous mini tidies if you’ve got a bunch of small items sloshing around in your desk drawers.

This and more clever reuse ideas from here.

Clever ways to reuse plastic bottles around the house

Rotating tin can desk caddy

This tin can organiser was invented by a crafter, Cynthia Shaffer, for instant access to a raft of her tools and materials in the heat of creativity! Putting the cans onto a lazy susan really takes this up a level. Holds loads, super useful. 

Find the tutorial here.

Recycled cardboard desk trays

An office staple. Unbury your desk from the piles of random paper and receipts!

Plastic versions are often to be found lurking at charity shops and car boot sales if you’re not taken by this simple corrugated cardboard number.

Find the tutorial found here.

Recycled colour co-ordinated desk organiser

Old jars, an unloved mug, plastic pots – don’t worry if the containers you have to hand don’t exactly match. Just give them a once over with a favourite spray paint colour and you’ll have a set! Optional but fun: add small recycled embellishments in a contrasting colour, as above. 

This reuse idea and more here.

Recycled tin can stationery holder

A great pattern for a desk, which you could adapt to fill the space you have available, and we love the ‘utility’ colour chosen for this organiser. Make sure any sharp edges are filed off from around the top of the tins or your daily office or homework tasks could get quite dangerous!

Find the tutorial here.

Recycled Tetra Pak phone charging station

Expensive charging dock? Who needs one when you can grab a Tetra Pak, a pair of scissors and have your own charging station in situ before you can say ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. You can paint it your favourite colour or even decorate with collaged photos from magazines or printed images of family.  

Find the tutorial here.

Do you DIY when you need to organise around the house? Share your projects with us here or on Twitter and Facebook!

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