Charities raising money from recycling – and how you can help

Recycling isn’t just good for the planet; it’s also a brilliant way to raise money for a huge variety of charitable causes. How? Four ways for raising money from recycling…

1. Charity shop donations… but not door-to-door collections

Charity shops accept our donations of clothing, furniture, electricals and books in decent condition for resale. On average, your unwanted stuff can earn a charity around £25 per bag, so get sorting!

*** Please note: many doorstep ‘charity’ collection bag services are managed by for-profit companies. The named charity may only receive a very small cut of the big money made by selling on the donated clothes, perhaps 5% of the profits. To make sure your donations have the most impact, please take them to your local charity shop or authorised collection point. ***

Downsizing and need to get rid of a load of furniture? Did you know that many charitable organisations pick up saleable bulky items for free if you book a collection in advance?

2. Charity listings on eBay

If you have items that the charity shops can’t accept or perhaps it isn’t affordable to give the whole value of an item to charity, why not set up a charity listing on eBay?

List in the usual way and then choose to donate from 10% up to 100% of the final sale price (1% to 100% for vehicle sales) to one of eBay’s registered charities. Generous eBay will refund the corresponding percentage of your seller’s fee so you won’t end up out of pocket.

3. General charity recycling schemes

Charities raise additional money from our donations of mobile phonespostage stampsjewellery and used ink cartridges for recycling. Now we can even donate our unwanted cars to raise money for charity – yes, you read that correctly – cars! Via Charity Car‘s scheme, the charity of your choice will either receive 100% of a vehicle’s scrap value or, if there’s still a bit of life left in the motor, the funds raised via resale auction. Simply pick which charity you want the proceeds to go towards and they’ll get in touch to arrange a free collection. An easy way for raising money from recycling.

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