cute bins
Get organised with the latest recycling storage solutions

When your recycling is satisfyingly organised instead of in one messy pile, the general inclination is to recycle more – and more often. A very good thing, when you consider that recycling has so many life-changing benefits.

Recycling Hero
You’re a hero! How your recycling helps change lives for the better…

OK, so we all know that recycling is one of those things we should do.…

row of milk bottles that have been reused for pen pots
10 ways to reuse plastic milk bottles (before recycling them)

These incredibly crafty bloggers have found some mightily cunning reuses for our humble plastic milk…

7 reasons not to throw away those weird silica gel packets!

Whilst we’re not going to suggest eating these guys, we can safely say that throwing away the little silica packets found in all types of product packaging is a big waste!

Ocean plastics
Cool products made from ocean waste

Did you know that 50% of plastic items are used just once and then thrown away? All that waste has to end up somewhere and, unfortunately, millions and millions of tonnes of harmful plastic waste has ended up in the world’s oceans.

close up of someone knitting using grey wool
It’s hip to knit! 7 simple knitting projects

So of course there’s always a scarf – it’s just a big long rectangle, isn’t…

10 cunning ways to reuse tennis balls

Tennis balls rubber is not biodegradable, which makes them probably the most difficult of any…

close up view of a plastic bottle
Clever projects to reuse plastic bottles

We Brits now recycle just over half of our plastic bottle waste, which is great.…

broken football on a patch of grass
How to reuse and recycle old sports equipment

Do you have old sporting gear clogging up the loft or the back of the…

How do I recycle glasses and contact lenses?

Are you one of the 61% of the UK population who wear glasses or contacts? If you’ve been wearing them for any length of time, no doubt you’ve encountered the dilemma of what to do with your specs and lenses when your prescription changes.