overhead view of a desk with keyboard, glasses, paper clips, notes, mouse and plant
DIY desk tidies for home offices & homework zones

This time of year always feels like a fresh start – must be a hangover…

Leftover sushi takeaway food
The food leftovers-loving guide to snagging cheap meals

What if we told you that one of the best ways to help prevent food waste was by eating incredibly delicious food sold very cheaply? Did we hear a big “Yes, please!”?

close up view of a fatberg in underground sewers
Don’t feed the fatbergs! Help stop these monsters from taking over!

Imagine the horror of confronting fatbergs in the wild: a sewer-choking, rat-infested, stinking hulk of…

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Is a leaky loo pumping up your water bill? Test it now!

Leaks into the toilet bowl are a super common problem in modern homes. They’re simple…

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No space for houseplants? Think again!

If you’re short on space, worry not! There is always enough room for a beautiful houseplant in your home

Old socks
20 clever ways to reuse odd socks and laddered tights

All those missing socks, where on earth do they go? And why do tights only…

cute bins
Get organised with the latest recycling storage solutions

When your recycling is satisfyingly organised instead of in one messy pile, the general inclination is to recycle more – and more often. A very good thing, when you consider that recycling has so many life-changing benefits.

Recycling Hero
You’re a hero! How your recycling helps change lives for the better…

OK, so we all know that recycling is one of those things we should do.…

Charities raising money from recycling – and how you can help

Recycling isn’t just good for the planet; it’s also a brilliant way to raise money…

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Creative ways to reuse tumble dryer lint

It’s an unfortunate fact. Tumble drying wears out fabrics faster and you can see the…