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high speed train travelling through valleys of mountain ranges
Green travel from the 2010s, into the 2020s and beyond…

Travel is one of our biggest contributors to greenhouse gases, but there are plenty of ways to travel green now and in the future

brussel sprouts floating in boiling water
10 ways to reuse your cooking water this Christmas

Delia Smith would be horror struck if she heard about this week’s controversy about the…

Ocean plastics
Cool products made from ocean waste

Did you know that 50% of plastic items are used just once and then thrown away? All that waste has to end up somewhere and, unfortunately, millions and millions of tonnes of harmful plastic waste has ended up in the world’s oceans.

close up of twig basket with coloured eggs and 'happy Easter' tag
Recycled Easter decorations to make!

Celebrate with these bright recycled Easter decorations – and without the waste. We’ve picked out…

Eco Christmas lights
Eco-friendly ways to light up your garden

take a look at these no-cost and low-cost options for your garden. We’ve got a few easy recycling ideas for you to mull over (and hopefully get cracking on!), as well as our pick of the eco outdoor lighting products available online.