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close up of some tasty water drinks
How to make your tap water tastier (and avoid plastic!)

Don’t like the taste of your tap water? Test out some of our tasty hacks and add some flavour to the tap!

Savour every drop… Cook more healthily with far less water

Let’s head into the kitchen, where being more water efficient not only helps us cut…

close up of heart shaped potato in hands
Love your spuds! How to keep the potato fresher for longer

Did you know that, stored in the right way, a potato can last for several…

close up of frozen vegetables
Tastier leftovers from the freezer? Yes, with these tips!

Frozen food can be great for convenience, but mushy veg? Yuck. Freezer-burnt meat? Double yuck.…

Ice lolly recipes Greenredeem Fruit Healthy
DIY ice lolly recipes – no special equipment needed!

Besides the sheer enjoyment of eating, there are so many reasons to try out one…

close up of some vegetables on a plate
Grow your own superfoods in a jam jar

Even the least green fingered among us can produce a crop of tasty superfoods. No…

7 ways to reuse orange peels
7 ways to reuse orange peels

An easy-to-follow guide for looking after houseplants and being the perfect ‘plant parent’

Vegetarian burger
Conserving water: Do you know the water footprint of your food?

When we think of conserving precious water, thoughts turn immediately to what we can do around the house: taking shorter showers, using a filled plastic bottle to reduce flush amounts in toilets, installing a water butt to catch rainwater or washing the car with a watering can!

Homemade chutney
Autumn fruit chutney for beginners

Gluts of cheap autumn fruit are easily turned into delicious, tangy chutneys ready for eating at Christmas, no culinary expertise required. Quantities can easily be doubled if you want to make extra chutney as gifts for friends and family (hint: you do!).

tomatoes growing indoors on a vine
Edible plants to grow indoors

Perhaps you’ve no outside space to grow in? Or you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy…