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squashed pumpkins in a field
Don’t let your food waste go to waste

Wow! What a response! We couldn’t believe how many of our readers got in touch…

How does food waste affect climate change?

If you’re sitting there thinking there are bigger issues surrounding climate change than the scraps…

old food waste
Food waste: The world’s biggest environmental challenge?

Have you ever been told that “your eyes are bigger than your belly”? It usually comes after…

a plate of green and healthy foods
10 ways to improve your diet’s impact on the environment

Honestly, we were shocked to see the impact that some foods have on our environment.…

bright and colourful variety of food dishes
How your diet impacts the environment

Have you heard how your diet can help change the course of climate change? As we’ve previously…

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Be carbon mindful of your food

It may not come as a surprise to you that some foods have a higher…

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Why now is the time to remove the taboo on community fridges

Community fridges is a vital resource for thousands of people every day. During the lockdown,…

food scrap in a caddy tipped onto floor
What is food upcycling and how to get involved?

We’re all seeing things being upcycled today, whether it’s on TV with the Sewing Bee,…

close up of fruit that is bruised and slightly rotten
Fridge or cupboard? How the right storage can help your food last longer

When you’re in the supermarket, or your local grocery store, do you find your hand…

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Buy unloved food and do your bit

Millions of items of edible food goes to waste before it hits the supermarket due to high and ludicrous quality standards