Can you afford to be sustainable?

If you haven’t felt the pressures to live a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle yet, then you’re one of very few. It’s no secret that our planet is suffering under climate change and it’s reached the point where everyone needs to be doing their part to help it thrive once more. One way that’s been greenwashed into our lives is to spend thousands of pounds on expensive products but honestly, cheap eco-friendly products will help just as much. It’s as simple as swapping to a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one. In this blog, we’re going to talk about how everyone can afford to be sustainable – look beyond the price tag.

Cheap eco-friendly products for your home 

It would be an understatement to say that we have seen our fair share of eco products. In fact, a lot of them appear as ads on the sites we visit because we’re constantly searching for things online. But it goes without saying, a lot of products will leave you greenwashed. So, how do we avoid these? We do our research which means you don’t have to. Any new gadgets and recently discovered products we tend to stay away from. Keep it simple which often means cheap products you’re familiar with.

Cheap eco-friendly products in the bathroom 

Let’s start in the bathroom. The biggest way to make your bathroom affordable and sustainable is to reduce the amount of plastic. Shampoo bottles, conditioner, soap, and even extras like bath bombs and salts. The majority will come in single-use plastic packaging and some of it isn’t even recyclable. You may have seen refillable pouches being sold in supermarkets, but that plastic isn’t recyclable. So, what cheap eco-friendly products are the answers? We believe it’s bar form products. You can find them in so many places online these days and there are speciality products for people with skin conditions and all hair types. Less packaging, longer lasting and better for the environment.

Products for your kitchen 

Cleaning products are a little trickier but there are ways to reduce plastic consumption. Solution drops are available on many online outlets. The good thing about these is that they’re a fraction of the price compared to a bottle of cleaning solution from your local supermarket. Instead of collecting plastic bottles of chemicals, you can purchase small sachets of solution and save yourself money. 

Items in your home that can be eco when they need replacing 

It’s very tempting to go out and purchase everything eco-friendly that you can find. But the most sustainable thing you can buy for the planet is nothing. Every purchase you make is another demand on the planet and its resources. Even the air we breathe has an impact. It’s all about minimising our impacts as much as possible.

Throwing away all your products isn’t going to help anybody. But using them until they cannot be used anymore and replacing them with an eco-friendly alternative is the best process. If you’re using nappies or sanitary towels, when it comes to buying a new pack, invest in some reusable ones instead. If you want to switch out your toothpaste and toothbrush for an eco-alternative, be sure to use every last bit of the ones you currently have. If you only invest when it’s necessary, you’ll find it more affordable as payments are sporadic.

If you need to buy something for your home, whether that be a beauty product or other, there is a good chance there’s an eco-alternative out there for it. In the rewards section on your Greenredeem account, you’ll notice there is an eco-shop. These online shops we have partnered with to bring you discounts on eco-friendly products. To make the switches needed for sustainability even more affordable. We’re also open to more partnerships so if you have a business that wants to provide discounts to our members please do get in touch. We look forward to hearing what eco-friendly products you swap to in the future.

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  1. I have put in AFFORDITO ten times, and your machine rejects it every time, therefore I cannot receive my points. Please can you help? Thank you.
    Hope that you had an enjoyable Easter?

    1. Hi Jane, you only need to copy and paste the code, no need to type. If you keep having this issue please get in touch with our customer services team.

  2. The problem is a lot of eco products are not cheap. From the supermarket, from supposedly eco friendly plastic free shops, or products delivered to the door.
    And I’m extremely sceptical about the Environmental/eco claims of a lot of the cleaning products and bamboo toilet paper. I find it difficult to believe that the carbon footprint of having them individually delivered to the door rather than collecting them or having them delivered with the rest of the shopping.

    1. Hi David,
      We agree. From initial purchase, eco products aren’t cheap, however many of them last much longer and are therefore more affordable in the long run (this is a very broad statement we realise as there are SO many out there). We do agree that bamboo toilet paper is problematic, and there is a lot of greenwashing around some chemical products – it’s why we promote self-made cleaning products. There are of course plenty of issues surrounding carbon footprint too, we agree, accessibility is a big issue!

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