Britain’s biggest waste generators in the garden and outdoors

Knowing where a lot of our waste comes from gives us the power to reduce it. It’s like any method of ‘cutting back’, whether that’s being on a diet or trying to save money, find out where your biggest ‘spends’ are and work on reducing them. This week we’re going to take a look at the best of British waste in the garden and outdoors. Discovering where our biggest ‘spends’ are when it comes to outdoor waste and focusing on reducing them. It’ll give us the biggest kick-start in a brand-new waste reduction effort. 

Best of British waste: Plastic flowerpots 

As Greenredeem blog fanatics, we know that you’ll be green-fingered. Whether you’ve got a few window boxes with plants in them, a couple of houseplants, or acres of land filled with vegetables, flowers and trees. Plastic flowerpots can be troublesome for most, if not all of us.  

Every time we head to the garden centre, we can’t resist another addition to our flower bed. However, it always comes with an annoying plastic flowerpot. Plastic isn’t necessarily the problem. We’ve reused them as much as we can around the garden but after a while recycling is the only option left. However, this isn’t always possible to do at the kerbside. 

Very few local authorities collect plastic flowerpots – so be sure to check with your council before contaminating your recycling. Up to half a billion flowerpots end up in landfill or incineration plants each year. Fortunately, some garden centres like Dobbies will accept clean plastic pots and trays to recycle. But how else can we do our bit? 

It comes to getting a little more enthusiastic with gardening – buying seeds! The more we grow, the less waste we’ll create. While it’s nice to buy a plant and pop it straight into your aesthetic garden, if reducing waste is your goal – grow your own and save on the plastic flowerpot. 

Best of British waste: Dog poop bags 

This one may not resonate with all, as not everyone owns a dog. However, in 2020, dog sales boomed in the pandemic, and 3.2 million pets were purchased. We thought this would be a great time to introduce the importance of buying the right dog waste bags. 

While many say they are biodegradable, they still end up in dog poo bins, ultimately going to landfill. The best option for many dog owners is to get a bag that breaks down the fastest and one that can go in your home compost heap. Yep, that’s right. Your home compost heap. 

One of the only brands to be certified with this is Green Poop Bag. Their bags are 100% home compostable, vegan and come in a variety of sizes. They’ve won plenty of awards for their innovative bags, and they come at affordable prices. If you’re a pet owner, we recommend these poop bags for reducing your waste and impact on the environment. 

Grass cuttings and other garden waste 

Possibly the most obvious item of ‘waste’ when it comes to your garden and outdoors. Especially in the summer months when the grass needs cutting every week. However, it may shock some of you to know that not everyone has a garden waste bin. In some areas, garden waste needs to be carried to a recycling centre for correct disposal.  

We have a slightly different idea. If you find yourself mowing your lawn regularly throughout summer without using it much, it might be time to transform your garden into a space that produces less waste.  

Switch up your grass from a typical lawn to a clover lawn or set yourself up with a functional garden including a compost heap for cuttings. Garden waste is typically the best of British waste in the garden, but if we can manage it and reduce it, imagine how much we can help the environment. 

When it comes to the best of British waste in the garden and outdoors, there is one thing that trumps all. Litter. As a nation, we produce an alarming amount of litter. If you see some and it is safe to do so, pick it up and pop it in a bin. If you’re going out for an afternoon walk, take a bin bag with you, and collect it on the way. Whatever you do, take all your rubbish home and protect our luscious green spaces.  

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