A Christmas like no other

It’s that time of year again. We know it’s not the usual buzzing Christmas markets, bonfire evenings and traditions we’re used to, however in some ways, we think this year is going to be even better. Community spirit is high, we’re valuing the presence of our loved ones more than ever, and to top it all off, there’s no driving all over the country to make small talk with your twice removed cousins on Boxing Day! That being said, we know you may be wondering how to have your usual sustainable Christmas in these different circumstances. So, we’re sharing all of our Christmas 2020 ideas for you to enjoy. 

Christmas 2020 ideas: Include board games 

For most of us, Christmas is the only time of year where we get out our board games and have some good old-fashioned fun. We know, it’s not a new idea, but there are so many different ways to enjoy board games that you may not have thought about previously. 

You don’t all need to be in the room to enjoy a game of Trivial Pursuit or charades. 2020 has been a year of FaceTime and Zoom, but it doesn’t all have to be about work meetings and a weekly check-ins. Games like Monopoly don’t require you to be secretive about your hand, you just go round the board picking up money (or like us, losing) and properties. As long as someone is prepared to physically roll the dice and move the pieces – you’re good to go! 

Spreading Christmas joy beyond your home 

There’s nothing quite like transforming your home into a festive grotto. The big debate is when is the right time to put up the decorations – and no, we’re not even going to get into that! – but this year, how about doing more than the decorations.  

Do you remember earlier in the year when we put rainbows in our windows for NHS staff and thanked our bin crews? Let’s not forget that they’re still out there doing their jobs with limited capacity during the winter months. Perhaps this year, you could pop some additional rainbow decorations in the window or write your bin crews a homemade Christmas card to say thank you. It truly is the year to spread joy as far and as wide as you can. 

Christmas 2020 ideas: Have fun in the kitchen 

For some families, this may be a tradition, but there’s so much fun to be had making gingerbread houses and decorating biscuits. It’s something you can do with the kids on a Saturday afternoon and then spend all Sunday eating. 

We know the traditional gingerbread bakes involve houses and festive little men, but the only limit is your imagination. While we won’t be creating anything quite as extraordinary as these masterpieces, it does give us a few ideas to create something a little different. Perhaps this year we’ll bake and eat all the decorations from the tree instead of investing in some new ones! 

The reality is, Christmas may look a little different this year, but the rest of 2020 has prepared us. We’ve harnessed family weekend quizzes; we know we can watch a film with our friends on FaceTime. It’s going to be a little different but relish in the fact that you won’t have to deep clean your home on Christmas Eve because you’re hosting. Enjoy spending the entire day in your pj’s because you have literally nowhere to be and nothing to do but be present. It’s going to be a special year, so it’s time to start feeling festive. What other activities will you be doing this year? Post your ideas in the comments below. 

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