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9 brands you should consider when buying sustainable clothing

9 brands you should consider when buying sustainable clothing

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For some of us, purchasing a brand new item of clothing for our wardrobe is a hobby or a treat at the end of a long hard week. It’s a quick ‘pick me up’ that makes us feel better. We get it. It’s the rush of excitement as you try on a new top and strut your stuff taking it out for the first time (albeit there aren’t too many places to go at the moment). We know that cancelling your shopping habits altogether isn’t ideal, which is why we’ve put together a list of some great eco-friendly brands that would lighten the impact of your fashion choices on the planet.

A new item doesn’t have to be fast-fashion or harmful for the environment. Fortunately, there are an ever-growing bunch of options to choose that benefit the environment. We’re going to highlight our favourites and better yet, you can get discounts for some of these brands in the rewards section of your Greenredeem account.

Eco-friendly brand: Ruby Moon

This one is for all our active members out there. Ruby Moon has some of the most stunning swim and activewear we’ve ever seen. What’s more, it’s sustainable and ethical, making it a great eco-friendly brand. It’s not all bikinis and tight-fitting leggings though, Ruby Moon provides functional fashion that works for women of all shapes and sizes, including underwear!

Ruby Moon’s products are created with the environment in mind. From a sustainable material created from old fishing nets to a zero-waste packaging approach. The entire brand is collected under an umbrella of sustainability. What’s more, is that they also give back to their female customers and have so far invested in over 1,000 female entrepreneurs. This brand is sustainable, ethical and all about female empowerment and we’re loving the positivity!

Image Credit: Ruby Moon

Eco-friendly brand: Kind Clothing

Kind, it’s who they are, and it’s what they do. Did you see our social posts that talked about cotton and why it isn’t the ‘miracle’ material we believe it to be? Well, at Kind, they use cotton in the ways we dream about. Sustainably sourced, no harsh chemicals, no toxic fumes for factory workers to breathe in, no child labour, and using less water to create that soft fabric we love. They keep animals safe, use vegan inks on their clothes, and they give back to the environment through their reforestation project.

The eco-friendly brand mainly produces t-shirts and sweaters, suitable for anyone in a beautiful natural colour scheme. They have collections that include ‘for the planet’, ‘for the animals’ and ‘plant-based’. Whatever your fashion goals are, Kind will have an item that lets you stand out in slow-fashion style.

Eco-friendly brand: Vegan Outfitters

The hint is in the name, but VO is a vegan eco-friendly brand that creates plant-based fashion. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy their brand, some of their clothes are for the activist vegan-type of person, and some are simple comedy phrases that’ll make you giggle. Men – you’ll be happy to hear, that there are dedicated ranges just for you with this brand. There’s even a kid’s range for your little vegan warriors!

Every purchase made is designed to help animals through UK sanctuaries. They also promise that any item crafted will be made at a W.R.A.P Gold Certified factory, meaning that there is no child labour and all processes are ethical for the workers. 

Image Credit: Vegan Outfitters

Eco-friendly brand: Bamboo Clothing

We’ve expressed our love for bamboo many times. When grown sustainably, it’s the incredible gift that just keeps on giving, and the guys at BAM have truly harnessed its goodness. Sustainability is at the core of this eco-friendly brand, and they’re paving the way to show the fashion industry that brands can have a positive impact while looking good.

You’ll find everything you could need at this brand. Men and women’s clothing, in all sorts of varieties. Perfect for hiking, running and the gym but also, loungewear for those lazy Sundays.

Rapunai Clothing

We’ve mentioned this brand before, but come on, does it get much better than creating recycled organic clothing?! They make men’s and women’s clothing and even have a custom area where you can design your own items, including bags.

The clothes are made from natural materials, using renewable energy, and when they’re worn out, you send them back to be reworked into something new. Their circular supply chain is perfect at highlighting just how other brands should take note. Minimising waste and doing it in style.

Image Credit: Rapunai Clothing

Lucy & Yak

This is another brand that we may have mentioned once or twice, but Lucy and Chris (the owners) do it so well. Not to mention they look fantastic doing it! From building factories in India and knowing all their tailors’ names to supporting unknown artists by releasing Limited Edition prints with their work. They have a ‘Made in Britain’ collection that throughout lockdown has been making scrubs for NHS staff.

The best news? All their garments are unisex from their iconic dungarees (yes we said dungarees – they’re fab!) to their quirky sock prints. They use leftover materials to create hair scrunchies and tote bags, so every inch of sustainably-sourced material is used. When a print job goes wrong, or items get damaged during manufacture – they list them on Depop! If you want some bargain dungarees, it’s the perfect place to go to.

House of Sunny

This eco-friendly brand differs from the rest because they’re not continually making clothes and designs all year round. No extras, no additions and they’re all sustainably made! House of Sunny create their range using e-flow technology which uses just 800 litres of water per 100 garments (usually this is 8,000 litres). They also use vegan leather and repeat prints to avoid waste.

On the surface, the brand looks like most clothing brands – fashionable, a wide selection of items and accessories and stunning designs. They’re able to do this because of their slow fashion approach which sees them release only two ranges each year.

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Girlfriend Collective

Another activewear brand, but this time it includes a maternity range. Perfect for those mummies-to-be who still love to stay active and comfortable. Their top priority is being eco-friendly and transparent with their customers. This means you can find out absolutely everything about your garments on their website.

They share all their certifications online, discuss why they manufacture in Vietnam, tell you how they recycle old water bottles for fabrics and their dying methods. There’s nothing that this brand is hiding. If you send them your old Girlfriend Collective items after, they’ll recycle them and give you credit to purchase some more!

Image Credit: Girlfriend Collective


We’ve talked about underwear, activewear, men’s, women’s and children’s option, but this next brand has some incredible footwear options. This month Pangaia have launched their GRAPE LEATHER (yes, grape) shoe, which is paired with a 100% recycled rubber sole. Mind-blowing and a new first for the fashion industry.

Alongside their shoes, they provide a wide selection of garments for the entire family, as well as accessories. What we love about this brand is how they use science to create fashion. Botanical dyes, seaweed fibres, recycled materials and compostable packaging – they’ve thought of it all.

We think we’ve just about covered it all in here! No matter what type of sustainable or ethical item you’re looking for, you’ll find an option from one of these eco-friendly brands. Better yet, it doesn’t matter what your budget is, if you’re buying new, you’ll be able to afford these options. These brands all stand for something meaningful, and they’re all making a positive impact on the fashion world. We’ll be watching their progress closely. Who’s already got their eyes on a few pieces?

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