5 tips to help save water this Christmas

Wet, cold, and dark winter days aren’t exactly inspiring us to reduce our water consumption. However, it’s crucial that at this time of year, we don’t undermine the hard work we put in throughout the summer months by using more than necessary! Christmas day can be a bit hectic, but so is all the preparation of cleaning and cooking, so this week, we’re going to share our tips on how to have a water-friendly Christmas. Be sure to use our tips and share any of your own in the comment box below!

Water-saving Christmas tip 1: Cleaning

Scrubbing your kitchen floors ready for Christmas? Instead of getting a big bucket of soapy water and scrubbing, why not use natural ingredients and make your own cleaning solution. Baking soda and white vinegar are staples in any DIY floor cleaning solution, mix them together and add an essential oil of your choice to balance the strong smell of vinegar. You’ll be amazed at the power of these two ingredients just spray it onto your floor and wipe as usual. The best part, there’s no waste and no water used in this cleaning method!

Water-friendly Christmas tip 2: Prepare your food on Christmas eve

A lot of us do this anyway – especially if we’re making our own Christmas Pudding! However, soaking your veggies in water the night before is one of our favourite tips. Pop your parsnips, carrots and potatoes in water the night before so that the next day you don’t need to boil them, simply pop them in the oven for roasting. “But how does this save water?” we hear you ask… We use the leftover water for boiling any other veggies on Christmas day like our brussels sprouts! It’s a massive reduction in water usage.

Water-friendly Christmas tip 3: Hosting

Although your guest list this Christmas might be shorter than usual, you may have more people than usual in your home. Drinks will be flowing all day, with plenty of food on offer, which means trips to the bathroom will be more frequent. If you don’t have a displacement device in your cistern already, be sure to pop one in before Christmas day so you can save water on every festive flush! A lot of water companies provide free devices, check out your member dashboard to order Thames Water goodies, or check your local water company’s website.

Water-friendly Christmas tip 4: Use your eco-dishwasher

Shocked by that one? We’re not. There’s nothing worse than drawing the short straw when it comes cleaning up the turkey dish and the pots and pans that piled up from all the trimmings. There’s just so much to get through, which is why this Christmas, you should use your dishwasher. Don’t pre-rinse your dishes under the tap. Scrape the food into your food waste caddy or put aside for later and pop everything in your dishwasher.

A lot of dishwashers in homes these days will be eco-friendly enough so that a big load is more eco-friendly than the amount of water used for scrubbing at the various items. One washing up bowl of water might get all the grease off your pigs and blankets tray, but you’ve only got to get through a couple of pots and pans before you need another bowl, and then another and another. Save yourself some water, trust your dishwasher to get the job done right and relax a little knowing you’re saving water.

Water-saving Christmas tip 5: Put on a Christmas-sized load

After Christmas dinner, don’t just pop your tablecloth and napkins in the washing machine, make sure you put on a full load. Include your Christmas jumpers, pyjamas, and any other items of clothing you’ve been wearing. Just because your tablecloth has a few bits of food on it doesn’t mean it needs its own special wash. For an additional tip, wash your load at 30 degrees so you can save energy on your washing too!

Implementing just one of these water-friendly Christmas tips will reduce your consumption. We must look at ways to use less water all year round and not only in the warmer months. We hope you have a water-friendly Christmas and enjoy using these tips as much as we enjoy sharing them!

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