12 sustainable clothing brands to consider before you buy

We know that shopping sustainably can be difficult – especially in the world of fashion. Lately, we’ve been urging you to thrift and rework your clothes so that you don’t need to purchase any new ones. With an expensive festive time of year (for a number of reasons) quickly approaching, the last thing we want to do is frivolously spend. Although sustainable clothing has a higher initial cost, it will last so much longer – and for your staple year-round items such as jeans – nobody can afford to buy twice. So, when the time comes to replace items in your wardrobe, take a look at some of these brands before purchasing. There’s no greenwashing involved like many clothing brands – we’ve done all the research for you!


No clothing brand hits the headlines the same way Patagonia do. Most recently the owner gave away the company to an environmental trust and non-profit. But what about the clothes? You can be sure that they’re ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Recycled cotton, recycled polyester, recycled down, recycled wool and recycled cashmere. When it isn’t recycled it’s sustainably sourced, check it out for yourself. We could go on all day about the incredible work that Patagonia is doing for our planet, but we’d be here all day! So be sure to investigate for yourself if you’re interested. 


A brand powered by science and futuristic thinking. They’ve planted millions of trees to offset their carbon footprint but they’re also supplying eco-friendly products. Pangaia uses bio-based fibres and recycled materials in order to create their apparel. They use natural botanical dyes and even some antibacterial peppermint infused into the fibres for a fresher smell. What’s more, their supply chain is completely transparent so you can see for yourself how everyone along the chain is looked after. 

Lucy and Yak 

Lucky and Yak are one of the very few clothing brands in the world to be GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standard) certified throughout their brand from processing, manufacturing, labelling, trading and distribution. What we love about Lucy and Yak is that they reuse their leftover fabrics. Any cut offs are reworked into bags, hats and socks! Plus, if you’ve fallen out of love with your clothes, you can return them via their buyback scheme. Any ‘yaks’ in need of repair can be repaired in their shops or upcycled into something new. 

House of Sunny 

If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, House of Sunny is a great option. They pride themselves on being the slowest of all fashion outlets out there by running just two seasonal collections per year. Giving them plenty of time to sustainably source materials. The brand, like many, use recycled materials for their products but what we love about House of Sunny is that zero waste is their goal. Any textile scraps that they cannot repurpose are donated and recycled. 

SZ Blockprints 

We love this brand because all the garments are handmade, as owner Sarah Zellweger would say, the ultimate luxury. But why is handmade sustainable? Because it’s slow fashion. The products created are not mass produced, something we know instantly harms the planet with emissions and processes. They have over 120 skilled workers who are paid fairly, in a safe working environment. Non-toxic dyes are mixed and tested by hand. Every block is hand carved by block print masters. And each garment is finished with a hand-sewn tassel. It’s an incredible feat of eco-friendly handmade garment craft. 

We Are We Wear 

As a company, We Are We Wear are full of all the right ideas. We’ve picked this brand for our list because they’re one of the few underwear brands that are making a difference. They aim to be fully sustainable in the next 6 months but even now they have great products that you should consider before you head over to some fast fashion £1 underwear. Their swimwear is created from a material which uses old unwanted fishing nets, industrial plastics and fabric scraps. We love recycled materials, but we love this one just a little bit more because we know the good that it’s doing by removing these materials from the ocean. 


Before you say it, we know! Organic cotton isn’t always sustainable, however, Noctu is. They meet the Global Organic Textile Standard and OEKO-TEX certification for their materials and their products are made here in England. If you’re looking for some sleepwear this is certainly one of the sustainable clothing brands that you need to check out. 

Girlfriend Collective 

If there’s one thing about sustainable clothing brands that is consistent, it is the pride they have in their product. Granted, some brands are full of greenwashing and little truth but that’s why we love Girlfriend Collective. Their entire sustainability section on their site is them answering direct questions from consumers – some more thought-provoking than others. But we love this level of transparency and it’s why they’ve made our list of sustainable brands you need to check out. Their activewear is second to none – oh and it looks good too!  


A dump truck of clothing is going to landfill every second. This is the statement that Rapanui use to demonstrate why they’re passionate about sustainable clothing. Their products come from natural materials, their processes from renewable energy, and all of their items are returnable for recycling once worn. Rapanui are one of the few sustainable clothing brands to bring the circular economy to life. They’ve even got a Ted Talk on how to design the circular economy, you can see it below. 


If there’s one sustainable clothing brand on this list that is truly trying to do it all, it’s Mayamiko. Their products are very nearly zero waste by optimising print patterns, using cut-offs from other garments and even reusable sanitary products. They have aims for a circular economy where they will mend and reuse old items. Their factories are powered by solar. Materials are locally and sustainably sourced. Packaging is recyclable or compostable. Not to mention their offsetting programme whereby you can order a tree to be planted alongside your clothing order. 

Nude Ethics 

We love this brand. Jessica is a one-woman shop making her slow fashion perfect for anyone looking for ethical style. Her t-shirts are sourced from one of the most sustainable wholesalers in the country and then she transforms them at the studio in Cornwall. But if you’re looking for the more personal touch, she does finish some by hand herself known as her ‘Made to Order’ range. Pieces are made from organic cotton, with Fair Wear protection and renewable energy in the process. There is minimal carbon footprint. If you’re not so sure on the wholesaler source, think again, check out their incredible line here. 

Yes Friends 

Now, this one is our favourite. If there’s one thing you notice with sustainable clothing brands, it’s the price tag. But Yes Friends are here to transform that. Ethical clothing, sustainable materials, renewable energy and low carbon footprints – all with a low price tag. Yes, one t-shirt costs £7.99. If this isn’t proof that sustainable fashion is also affordable, then we don’t know what is! So now, no matter what, there’s no excuse to buy a cheap fast fashion t-shirt ever again. Oh, and the rest of their products are totally affordable too!

And breathe! You’ve made it to the end. All of our research has paid off we think. We’ve brought you sustainable fashion from underwear to outer clothing, brands where you can send items back for recycling and ones where you can purchase recycled material. From the prettiest and fanciest items to a basic t-shirt. Sustainable clothing brands are out there, and now, you don’t even have to look for them.


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