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10 ways to save money during the winter

Where did the summer months go? Honestly, the heat waves over the last few months seemed like they would never end. Lately, however, we’ve been waking up with that distinct chilling feeling that if we put a toe out of our duvet, we’ll get frostbite. Winter is coming, and it’s coming in fast, so we’re taking the time now to send tips your way on how you can stay warm this winter and save money during the winter.

During the summer, we splash out – literally – on our water usage to help us cool off so you would think our consumption decreases in the winter; sadly, not. Most of the nation go from cooling off in paddling pools, to heating up in bathtubs. While we’re not impartial to a lovely glass of bubbles in a relaxing bubble bath setting – you know what we’re talking about. We know that it isn’t the best way to save money during the winter. Not to worry, we’ve compiled a list of toasty tips that will keep you warm and your pockets fuller than ever.

Turn down your boiler temperature

Yes, we said down. Although we’re trying to stay warmer during the winter months, most of us will have our boilers pre-set to a temperature far higher than we need. In fact, these temperatures could end up scolding sensitive skin. If the maximum temperature on your shower is too hot to stand under, you could reduce the temperature on your boiler. How water for your shower should be set at about 60-65 degrees Celsius, but no lower. If you go lower there is a chance that nasty bacteria will build up in your tank. This reduces your hot water consumption and can help considerably to save money during the winter. If you’re unsure what temperature your boiler should be at, check out this guide and adjust accordingly.

Close off and shut down those unused rooms

Do you have a summer room or a conservatory that you don’t use in the winter? Shut the doors on it. One thing to consider when heating your home is that as soon as you open a door, the cold air comes rushing in. The more doors you leave open, the longer it will take for your heating to work its magic to the point where you feel cosy again. If you close a door and still feel a draft, it might be an idea to invest in a draft stopper. There are plenty of options on Amazon you can choose from, there might be one that matches your rooms décor. Another option is to create your own using old socks.

Light your winter candles

We all love a good smelling candle but have you ever considered their heating properties? It’s not the same instant heat that you might get from your radiator, but it’s a great way to help boost the warmth in a room at little cost. It goes without saying, that if you are lighting candles, be sure to place them in safe areas where they will not be knocked over or catch anything that is flammable, and always keep out of reach of children. Lighting a candle is an effective option, especially in smaller rooms. Shut the door, light yourself a candle and spend an hour or two relaxing in some beautifully scented heat. This can help save money as your heating doesn’t need to be on for longer periods.

Rearrange your room

Are you guilty of covering up a radiator in the room? Perhaps a sofa is sitting in front of it, or a sideboard? It’s one sure way to waste your hot water, not to mention that it takes almost twice as long to heat up the room. By blocking your radiator, you’re already hindering your chances of a toasty room before you’ve turned the heating on. Rearrange your furniture for the winter and allow your radiators to work their magic.

Get out of the shower!

There’s nothing worse than being the last person in your family to take a shower in the morning, only for the hot water to vanish. You could say you need more hot water, or you could ask ‘Jessie’ your water-loving family member to reduce her shower time from 20 minutes to 5. It’s more water-efficient to have a shower, but only if there’s no dilly-dallying. You might like the feel of a toasty shower, but it could be unnecessarily adding to your bill. By reducing your shower time, you could save money during the winter. 60 second less can be the equivalent of £60 a year!

Use your kettle for cooking

Boiling the water you need for your dinner time veggies is better done using your kettle. Bringing water to boiling point on your hob takes longer and lots of energy is lost in the process. Be careful to only fill your kettle as much as needed rather than filling it to the top to not waste any energy heating it up. When the water is boiling, pop it in your saucepan and turn on the hob, you’ll find you’ve dramatically reduced your cooking time and energy consumption. It’s a great tip to save money during the winter.

Leave your tap dripping (yes – you read that right, but with a health warning!)

Don’t panic. We’re not suggesting your leave your taps running throughout the winter months, merely a little drip overnight. We know – it all adds up which is why if you’re going to do this overnight, be sure to pop a bucket in the sink to collect the water. Why? To stop your pipes from freezing. If you’re struggling to insulate your pipes, you can allow them to drip (ever so slowly) overnight – this keeps water flowing and reduces the risk of frozen pipes and leaks. Collect the water in your bucket and then use it to flush your toilet in the morning. This way, no water is wasted, and you can reduce the risk of your pipes bursting and save money too.

Stop waiting for water to ‘heat up’

Turn the shower on, walk away, get undressed and return 5 minutes later to a nice hot shower – that’s how it goes for many households, but the amount of water being wasted is adding significantly to water bills. That wait for the water to get to temperature might seem short, but you’re essentially sending money down the drain. We know jumping into a cold shower isn’t going to be a priority during the winter months, but you can collect it with a bucket and then flush your toilet afterwards. If your bucket is full before your water gets hot, could there be something wrong with your boiler? It shouldn’t take that long!

Get clever with your laundry

Got a south facing room? Then you’ve got your own source of heat -when the sun is shining. Although the sun is cooler in the winter, when magnified by a window you’ll get a valuable source of (free) heat. So, if you’ve got clothes to dry, set up your clothes maiden in front of the window in the morning and come back at the end of the day. You’ll be amazed at the results. Or just make sure that the washing machine is finishing when the heating comes on. Drying clothes when the radiators are warmer gives you double benefit!

It’s all about layers. We know what you’re thinking, and we’re the same. We have the same challenge across the Greenredeem team. Turn up the thermostat or grab a jumper? It’s no secret that Robert Scott kept warm at the Antarctic by wearing lots of layers, and lovely thick socks. But how? Warm air gets trapped between your layers and keeps you warm. For added snuggles, blankets and rugs make the perfect addition to that Netflix boxset binge.

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